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Iwona - 2008-10-28, 20:15
Temat postu: About you
First topic in english...

Sorry, but our forum isn't in english but we'll try to do something with this fact, now we have this category, maybe later we'll make it better ;)

So, who are you?

Favourite music:
Favourie artist:

[ Dodano: 2008-10-28, 20:19 ]
First me?


Name: Iwona
Nickname: Iwona, Iwonka ;)
Country/City: Poland/Wilkasy(Giżycko)
Occupation(Student/job):student-second year of secondary school
Hobbies:singing, ski (waterski too ;P), listening to music, chatting with friends and MILK INC xD
Favourite music:dance, vocal trance, pop
Favourie artist:MILK INC xD, Sylver, Jessy, Novaspace, Lasgo, Ian van Dahl (Anna Grace ;) ), Cascada, Infernal, Feel ;)

Abelaard - 2008-10-29, 17:55

Ok now I:

Name: Maciek
Nickname: Abelaard
Country/City: Central Poland (neighborhood of Łowicz)
Age: 24
Gender: male
Occupation(Student/job): student fifth year of University of Łódź
Hobbies: listening to music, fishing, football (playing & watching on tv ;) ), motorization, collecting of photos & videos Milk Inc :)
Favourite music: vocal trance, dance, trance, progressive trance
Favourie artist: ofc MILK INC, Sylver, Atb, 4Strings, Regi ;) , Blank & Jones, Kate Ryan, Armin van Buuren, Novaspace

Matie - 2008-11-09, 17:57


Name: Mateusz
Nickname: Matek
Country/City: Poland / Majdan Królewski
Age: 15/16
Gender: male
Occupation(Student/job): Student
Hobbies: , listening to music , dance itp
Favourite music: trance , dance , pop, rock
Favourie artist: Milk inc. Britney Spears (Remix music) , Avril Lavigne,

[ Dodano: 2008-11-09, 18:44 ]
Niewiem czy dobrze napisałem ( mój angielski jest marny;/)

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